Warrior Small Fry
Attack Punches enemies and blocks
Abilities Kills monsters and crumbles blocks
Health One hit
Game(s) Small Fry

Warriors are one of the four types of small fries in the game Small Fry.


Warriors are dark blue with two feet and arms. They have two silver horns coming out of their heads that resembles a viking helmet. They have a white face with two black, beady eyes; additionally, they have a bluish-green mouth. Warriors stand hunched over, as if leaning down.

Game information

The warrior is the strongest of the small fries and the only one which can defend it self. When a warrior approaches an enemy, like a caterpillar, the enemy will stop and the warrior will punch it, killing it. A walking bug will have to be punched twice for the giant bug to die.

Warriors can also kill plants, but only when they have their mouth closed. Warrior, even though it is strong and can defend itself, is not invincible. Enemies, mud, water, and thorns will still kill it, as well as long drops. Warrior can also destroy stone blocks by pounding on them, and is also the only small fry capable of doing so, rendering them necessary to complete levels.

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