Ability Allows the player to progress to next level
Game(s) Super Stock Take

Wares[1] are interactive objects in Super Stock Take. They serve as the objectives of each level.


Due to Super Stock Take's style of including many cameos, the wares are each different. All of them are objects or entities from various Nitrome games, with the exception of a purple floppy disk found on level three.

Game information

Wares are necessary to complete the level. At the beginning of each level, the Nitrome Boss will shout at the chimp to get him the respective ware, providing some background information about it. When the chimp touches the ware, he will raise his arms above his head and the ware will fade into a shower of peanuts. When the chimp has touched all of the wares, the chimp can progress to the next level.

List of wares


  1. Help section of Super Stock Take: "Collect wares to please the Nitrome boss"
    Wares help

    The help section

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