War-torn city
War Torn City
Ruler Unknown
Location Desert planet
Inhabitants Unknown, includes soldiers
Status Damaged
Game Bullethead

The War-torn city is a city inhabited by soldiers and possibly others that was attacked by Triclopians in the game Bullethead.


The city contained buildings that were all different shapes and sizes. They have many different designs, such as:

  • Some with circular pushed down tops
  • Some with a big pointed beam pointing up
  • Some with multiple pointed up beams
  • A small beam on top of a building
  • A bridge between two beams.

The city appears badly damaged, with smoke in some parts of the city rising up. Some buildings had been severely damaged while other were not. There is plenty of dust around, and wreckage on the ground. It seems like it could be the future or maybe another planet, for the buildings in the background look futuristic.

Game information


The city was attacked by aliens that probably wanted to wipe out the inhabitants. The soldiers had to defend their city in order to survive.

Eventually the aliens were destroyed and the city was saved.


The war-torn city serves as the setting for Bullethead, and is where the entire game takes place. The battle between the aliens takes place on a dirt area, with wreckage visible. The background does not change at all for the course of the game, as destroyed enemies do not leave wreckage on the ground.

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