This article is about guns from Final Ninja Zero. For guns from other games, please see Guns.

Wall mounted guns
Attack Fires capsules/four bullets
Damage One health unit
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Wall mounted guns are hazardous guns in the game Final Ninja Zero. They do not appear in the prequel, Final Ninja.


Wall mounted guns are basically stationary rotating guns on a block, the block being embedded into the wall. The guns appears as a circle with a cannon, some parts of the circle having small blocks with wires on them, some of the blocks also having yellow printing. The gun is on a block with other small blocks, some with yellow printing others with wires attached to them.

Game information

Wall mounted guns are immune to all attacks by Takeshi and cannot be destroyed. They are found placed in wall and ceilings, continually firing bullets of explosives capsules in straight line, each gun slowly firing explosive capsules one after the other. Wall mounted guns are usually placed firing bullets to protect an object, or in areas to make it hard to Takeshi to pass.

The projectile-firing machines appear frequently throughout level and appear multiple times in levels, and like all hazards, other hazards will not harm enemies or hazards on their side. These guns later receive an upgrade, along with other enemies and hazards, and begin to fire four fast moving bullets instead of the explosive capsule. These bullets are difficult to avoid do to their speed and thir rate of fire.


Beta gun

Beta version

A beta version of the gun was found on Simon Hunter's website. This gun appears slightly different than the final gun.

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