This article is about walking enemies from Rustyard. For walking enemies from other games, please see Walking enemies.

Walking robots
Walking Robot (Rustyard)
A walking robot without a coin
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Is powered by coins
Health Indestructible (but dies in crushing machines)
Game(s) Rustyard

Walking robots are interactive objects, robots, and enemies in the game Rustyard.


Walking robots appear as a rectangular block with two feet. On the robot is a meter which will be lit green when a coin is deposited into the robot. As the battery runs down, the light will shift from green to yellow to red.

Game information

Walking robots appear on level fourteen and can be activated by dropping a coin from a coin machine into them. They are sometimes helpful but other times unhelpful. The coin will power the robot, which will cause it to walk. While it walks, the colour on the robot's meter will deplete and change colour.

When the walking robot's meter has been depleted, it will come to a halt, and will only continue moving if another Coin is deposited. Although the walking robot can be used to move objects, it will kill the robot if both make contact. If they happen to walk on top of a crushing machine, they will fall into it if they go over the hole. They will be destroyed and come out as a block for the player to use.

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