This article is about walking enemies from Small Fry. For walking enemies from other games, please see Walking enemies.


This article is about bugs from Small Fry. For bugs from other games, please see Bugs.

Walking bugs
Walking Bug Small Fry
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health Two hits from Warrior
Game(s) Small Fry
Walking bugs are enemies in the game Small Fry.


Walking bugs are giant bugs that walk horizontally, turning at walls. It has a giant body with two black eyes, a mouth, two antennas, and two feet.

Almost all its body is coloured a shade of light green, with its face coloured white. It is similar to the other walking enemy in Small Fry, the caterpillar. They also resemble the pear doodles from the game Scribble.

Game information

Like all enemies in Small Fry, it can only be killed by the Warrior fry. Walking bugs are stronger than other enemies, and can take two blows from the Warrior before death. Usually only one walking bug is seen walking, but occasionally two may be present.

If there are two walking bugs, instead of turning when they come in contact with each other, they will walk past each other. If a walking bug is punched from the front, it will kill the Warrior because it will walk straight into him. The only way to kill the walking bug successfully is to attack it from behind.

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