This article is about walking enemies from Onekey. For walking enemies from other games, please see Walking enemies.

Walking block
Walking Block and Peacock
A walking block and a peacock guardian
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking blocks can be stunned for a short time
Health One blow from a gate or crusher guardian
Game(s) Onekey

Walking blocks are enemies in the game Onekey. Two variations exist in the game; the first variation is called the walking block and the second variations are called peacock guardians.


Walking blocks

The walking block appears as a block with two feet, a mouth, and window for flame. The entire block is coloured in a shade of tan.

Peacock guardians

The peacock guardian appears as a block with one of the top edges cut off slightly. On the front of the block is its circular mouth, and behind it is its peacock tail headdress. It has a design of a square moving in linear motions into the middle of the square. Below its square body are its two small purple shoe like feet.

Game information

Walking blocks

Walking blocks will walk horizontally, and is powered by a single flame that rests in the middle of the block. Pressing the space bar will cause the block's flame to be put out and make the block fall apart. It will rebuild itself after a few seconds of being destroyed, and then continue on its route. Because the player can press a key that will affect this enemy, it is therefore also an interactive object.

The walking block can be killed if a gate is brought down on top of it. Although lacking an attack, it will harm the One Key if the two happen to meet. Walking blocks can be sprung into the air, despite being made of stone and likely very heavy.

Peacock guardians

Peacock guardians, despite not looking at all like a walking block, have the same behavior as the said enemies, except they do not crumble when the space bar is pressed.

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