This article is about walking enemies from Twang. For walking enemies from other games, please see Walking enemies.

Walking alligators
Green Alligator
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Hurting Black Ball, walking on lines
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Twang

Walking alligators are enemies in the game Twang.


Walking alligators have a green body, two green feet, a green snout, two yellow eyes, and a mouth with a red tongue and white teeth. However, they are much less elongated than alligators.

Game information

Walking alligators hurt Black Ball if he touches them, and he will lose a heart. They can walk on any kind of line, including ghost lines. Walking alligators also have no arms or hands, and will only walk in a set path back and forth. They can also walk through lines, and will turn around only when they come to an edge.

Other appearances

  • Retro skin - A walking alligator appears walking on a line.


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