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Abilities Descending down
Level 20
Health Indestructible
Points N/A
Game(s) Skywire 2

The vulture is the second boss of Skywire 2, encountered in level 20.

Game information

The vulture slowly descends down, while the young vultures (see below) try to stop it. It goes through platforms as well as young vultures, trying to go over the cable car and kill all the passengers in it. The player has to quickly go down and to the finish.

It descends slowly, but it is seen descending fast by the player due to the player having to make many stops to avoid young vultures. If the vulture touches the cable car, it will not make all passengers all at once; passengers will slowly fall off.

Young vultures

Young vultures have many attacks and only appear in the vulture boss fight. They are the babies of the vulture, many of whom are located in eggs in the level.


Young vultures appear as small birds. They have black feathers, orange feet, a pink neck and head, white eyes with black pupils, and an orange beak which curves down. Some also have a yellow cracked eggshell on their head.

Game information

Young vultures have many attacks, and also sometimes appear in different forms. Of all of the below attacks, only one type of vulture performs. All vultures' most frequent attack is flying horizontally, either left or right. Their second attack is, while still inside their egg, when the cable car passes over the egg, the young vulture will jump out.

An indication of an egg where a vulture will jump out is that the egg has some cracks on the top. Another attack the vulture has, which is not really an attack, is that a young vulture with an egg shell on its head will walk horizontally on a platform.

Their third attack, which a young flying vulture performs, is it will fly around curves in the cable, making it hard to pass in fear it might hit the cable car. The player has to be fast to avoid these attacks.


  • The baby vultures are capable of flying even though in real life, baby birds cannot fly.
  • If the player rushes back up a vertical piece of the track in this level, they can actually go above the vulture. If followed the entire way down, the vulture instantly disappears just before it hits the water.[1]


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