Voodoo doll
Voodoo Doll
The Voodoo doll
Ammunition Varies
Ability Can move pirates
Action Is thrown
Damage Zero (Death if victim is flung into water)
Game(s) Mutiny

The Voodoo doll is a uncommon weapon in the game Mutiny.


This weapon looks like a Voodoo doll. The doll has button eyes, with the left button being bigger than the right. Stitches are used as the doll's mouth. A red and green pin is seen which the green pin is going through the doll.

Game information

When the player selects this weapon, their mouse cursor will turn into a the Voodoo doll icon (Without a blue box and a black background around the icon). The player now has to pick an enemy pirate. Then, when the player has, however the Voodoo doll is thrown, the selected victim will copy the movement.

It is not possible for a pirate to go through walls while doing the copied movement. The Voodoo doll does not cause damage, unless the unlucky enemy is thrown into the sea or into a stationary hazardous weapon.


Choose an enemy player by clicking on them. Then click and drag to throw the doll and watch the enemy helplessly fly off in the same direction!



  • A glitch can be preformed with the voodoo doll. The person using the Voodoo doll can move the skull and bones of a dead pirate, even though it is probably supposed to only work on living enemies.

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