This article is about volcanoes from Bad Ice-Cream (series). For volcanoes from the Hot Air series, please see Volcanoes (Hot Air).

Abilities Firing fireballs
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream 2

Volcanoes are hazards in the game Bad Ice-Cream 2.


Volcanoes appear as brown conical mountains with their tops missing. Instead of a peak, they have a large pool of bubbling lava at the top. This is where the fireballs that they fire originate from.

Game information

Volcanoes are usually located at the center of the level area. Every so often, the volcano will rumble and begin to fire out fireballs. Shadows will then begin to form on the ground, with small yellow arrows pointing to them to notify the player of their location. These shadows are from the fireballs. Therefore, the fireballs will always land in the space where their shadow is.

Coming in contact with a volcano will not harm the player. However, if a fireball lands on an ice cream character, then it will immediately melt and die. Therefore, the player must avoid the shadows of fireballs and try not to walk near them.

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