This article is about villagers from Worm Food. For villagers from other games, please see Villager.

Various villagers. From left to right: basic villagers (far left image, group of five), fisherman (second image from left), archer (middle right), and witch doctor (far right)
Ability None
Points Twenty-five
Game(s) Worm Food

Villagers are the inhabitants of the Stone Tribe that appear in the game Worm Food.


There are several types of villagers. In general, a villager appears as a dark green person with a small torso, small legs, a medium sized head, and white markings on their body. This is the general appearance of a villager, some villagers looking different than others. The differences in the villagers go as follows:

  • Girl - has hair done up in two buns
  • Boy - is bald
  • Friend - hair is tied up in three partitions
  • Father - has one part of his hair in a circle
  • Mother - hair is pushed up
  • Fisherman - a boy in a boat
  • Witch doctors - a mask
  • Archers - a boy wearing a helmet

Game information

When any villager is eaten, they give the player twenty five points. Most villagers walk on platforms, while some do other task. The basic ones who walk on platforms are called basic villagers.

Basic villagers

Basic villagers walk on the surface of platforms, and will alternate directions sometimes. They may once be walking horizontally left, then switch their direction and begin to walk horizontally right.

They may speed up in walking when the giant worm is witnessed close to them. Basic villagers are what the girl, boy, friend, father, and mother are categorized in, these villagers being described partly in the appearance section of this article.

Other villagers

Along with there being basic villagers, there are also villagers who have a certain occupation.

  • Fishermen - boy villagers found over water in boats
  • Witch doctors - floating mask that does nothing
  • Archers - villagers that wear a helmet and fire arrows at the player

Other appearances



  • When either the mother, girl, boy, father, or friend, see the giant worm, their head will jump off their body, and an '!' mark will be seen over their head.

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