This article is about villagers from Knight Trap. For villagers from other games, please see Villager.

Trap Villager CageVillager

Left: A villager caged
Right: A freed villager

Ability Grants 100 points
Game(s) Knight Trap

Villagers, also known as peasants, are point related objects in Knight Trap.


Villagers have the same face as the knights, and have brown hair, wear brown cloth and shoes.

Game information

Peasants are female, and many were locked up in the castle of ultimate doom probably by the minions of the ruler of the castle. Villagers appear frequently in Knight Trap. They appear trapped in cages, yelling for help. They are not affected by enemies, and are sometimes placed in dangerous areas.

To free a villager, a knight has to run past the cage. Upon doing this, the bars of the cage will become bent, and the villager unconscious. After a second, the villager will get up, and jump for joy moving off either left or right, unaffected by enemies. They will not do anything to traps while running off free. They will also grant the player 100 points upon being let free.


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