This article is about venus fly traps from Mega Mash. For venus fly traps from other games, please see Venus fly traps.

Venus fly trap
Fire plant
Attack Shooting out fireballs
Abilities None
Health Indestructible
Points N/A
Game(s) Mega Mash

Venus fly traps are enemies that appear in the Carrot Story areas of Mega Mash, and are introduced in level four. They are in the single zone enemies group.


As a plant, they have a stalk with two leaves on the side, and a red face. The face is sphere-shaped, with eyes on either side of it and cylindrical lips on the top.

Game Information

Stationary, venus fly traps will periodically shoot four fireballs into the air. These fireballs fly in an arch before landing on the ground and bouncing several times before destroyed. The plants themselves will not hurt Fluffykins, but the attack deducts a heart. Fluffykins can protect himself if a box is on his head.


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