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Released September, 2005
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Levels One


Credits Mat Annal
Heather Stancliffe
Jon Annal

Vege-Mania, also known as Wallace and Gromit: Vegemania, was an advergame game created by Nitrome for Suburb / CiTV after the release of the movie Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit (which was new to release at the time). The game was finished on October 13, 2005[1], and was then mentioned by them on their website.


Mouse - Move tools around

Left Click - Use tool


Vege-Mania Game Screen

The gameplay screen

There is only one level in Vege-Mania. The point of the game is to plant seeds in a vegetable patch and grow giant vegetables. Harvesting grown plants would give the player points, which they could use to buy more seeds. Points were determined by the plant type, and the plant size. The player could leave the game, and then come back later (e.g. leave the game overnight and come back the next day) to let their plants grow.


Rabbits - Hop around and eat the player's plants. Weeds - Corrupt the garden.


  • This game is extremely unique, as it never made it on Nitrome's next site, did not have music, did not have credits, and did not use sprites made especially by Nitrome.


  1. Nitrome news - The blog post for October 13th 2005 states the Vege-Mania Game had just been finished.

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