Attack Harmful upon contact
Abilities Functioning as a platform
Health 1 hit
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Vampires[1] are enemies in the game Turn-Undead.


Vampires have a human-like form possessing a head, arms, and a body. Vampires wear a dark purple long-sleeved garment that is floor length and covers their necks. The back of the vampire is slightly hunched over while its hands are positioned in a gripping motion with its fingertips pointing downwards.

Vampires posses greenish-yellowish skin of a pale shade that is most visible on its head. The head of a vampire is hairless with slightly large pointed ears, two small, beady red eyes beneath a mouth from which two white buckteeth protrude, and a shiny, bald head.

Game information

Vampires first appear in level 1 of Turn-Undead and are a basic enemy. Every move the player makes will cause all vampires to move one step. When the player comes in contact with a vampire, the player character will instantly die, however; if the player comes in contact with a vampire's head, the player can then use that vampire as a platform. Once a vampire makes contact with a stake, it will instantly die. Vampires are the only respawning enemies in Turn-Undead as they are seen coming out of coffins in later levels.



  1. Markus Heinel on Twitter: twitter: The #nitrome game I've been working on for the past 6 weeks! #werewolf #vampire #vampirehunter (vampire likely refers to the non-werewolf and non-player enemy in the video video) , 3 Oct 2014, retrieved 8 Oct 2014.

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