Vampire hunter
Gender Male
Health One blow
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Turn-Undead

The vampire hunter[1] is the main character in the game Turn-Undead.


The vampire hunter is depicted wearing a purple wide-brimmed with a matching cape and garment of the same shade that covers his entire body and has a gold belt buckle in the middle of his waist.

The vampire hunter's hat completely overshadows his face with the only visible features being two small bright red beady eyes. The vampire hunter wears white gloves and in each hand holds a golden gun that fires wooden stakes.

Penguin 1

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After the player beats level 24, the vampire hunter's face reveals that he is a vampire, evident from the fangs coming from the teeth.

Game information

The intro of the game tells that vampire hunter is on a search for Count Dracula. The vampire hunter moves one space each turn or, in some cases, jumps or climbs and dies upon any non-head contact with enemies or hazards. From the guns the vampire hunter posses, it can shoot wooden stakes to kill enemies or help it move around.

In the ending of the game, it is revealed that he is a vampire who had crossed the land, cleansing it from evil only to later turn on the inhabitants.


Penguin 1

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  • The vampire hunter's voice when jumping is the same as the old man from level 3 of the easy levels of Pixel Pop when he does a double jump.
  • The vampire hunter resembles Mr. Dark from Rayman 1.
  • The vampire hunter's dying scream has three variations.
The hunter's name actually somehow hinted his real identity - a vampire.


  1. Markus Heinel on Twitter: [1]: The #nitrome game I've been working on for the past 6 weeks! #werewolf #vampire #vampirehunter, 3 Oct 2014, retrieved 7 Oct 2014.

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