Valkyries are interactive objects that first appear in level fourteen of Icebreaker.


Each valkyrie has curly blond hair and wears a viking helmet almost identical to her hair colour. They wear dresses with white and blue tops and red skirts. In most cases, more than one is likely to appear in a level at once.

Game information

The behaviour of valkyrie is similar to that of a balloon. When cuts are made across one, she will "pop" and deflate into the background. While they sometimes serve no meaningful purpose to a level, valkyries can also be used in other levels as space-fillers, covering indentations in rock and other surfaces that a Viking would otherwise get stuck in. Sometimes, they can also be used to support bridge structures made of wood, which are supported by string. Unlike the Vikings, valkyries are not affected by rats.


  • Valkyries were meant to appear in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, but despite there basic sprite redesign being made, valkyries were eventually not used.