• I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on July 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Zt-freak

    The Zt-freak Awards 2013

    August 10, 2013 by Zt-freak

    Welcome at the Zt-freak Awards 2013!!! Well, let's get started then...

    Best nostalgic feeling: 1. Feed Me 2. Skywire 3. Hot Air

    Best Puzzle game: 1. Rubble Trouble Tokyo 2. IceBreaker: A Viking Voyage 3. In The Dog House

    Best 'Lemming' game: 1. Small Fry 2. Onekey 3. Sandman

    Best Beat 'em up: 1. Nitrome Must Die 2. Test Subject Arena 3. Double Edged

    Best Strategy: 1. Steamlands 2. Mutiny 3. -

    Best sequel/prequel: 1. Final Ninja Zero 2. Test Subject Complete 3. Toxic II

    Most violent game: 1. Nitrome Must Die 2. Graveyard Shift 3. Final Ninja Zero

    Best racing game: 1. Flashcat 2. Flipside 3. Tanked Up

    Best cursor controlled game: 1. Rubble Trouble Tokyo 2. IceBreaker 3. Hot Air Jr.

    Best Hot Air: 1. Hot Air Jr. 2. Hot Air 2 3. Hot Air

    Best Toxic: 1. …

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  • Zt-freak

    Zt-freak asks

    October 4, 2012 by Zt-freak

    hellooowww everypony i some questions for you (some have no content).

    1. Who is your favourite pony from My little pony: Friendship is magic


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  • Zt-freak

    Zt-freak awards 2012

    September 22, 2012 by Zt-freak

    Most nostalgic feeling: Feed Me

    Best sequel: Test Subject Green

    Most violence: Nitrome Must Die

    Best music: Rustyard

    Best icon game: Gunbrick

    Best platformer: Final Ninja Zero

    Best controls: Test Subject Arena

    Best minigame: Super Snot Put

    Goriest game: Graveyard Shift

    Worst controls: Stumped

    Best cursor controlled game: Canary

    Best of multiplayer: Test Subject Arena

    Best fanmade game: Steamlands Player Pack

    Best of turn-based strategy: Mutiny

    Best of puzzle: Icebreaker: The Gathering

    Best winter game: Icebreaker

    Best real-time strategy: Steamlands

    Best of racing: Flipside

    Most frustrating game: Squawk

    Best of Rubble Trouble: Rubble Trouble Tokyo

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  • Zt-freak

    I made a few rules with scm.

    • she wont be on the nitrome wiki.but only on the dutch one (and if she does she will be chatting with private messages.)
    • if she is blocked she cannot go in the chat
    • she cannot see other private chats
    • when she wants to chat with you she will appear online for you

    if you want that the rules will be changed contact me or scm

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  • Zt-freak

    What is going on!?!?

    July 12, 2012 by Zt-freak

    So what just happened is that I had a terrible dream... I dreamed that SCM died... and here comes the worst thing I dreamed that with two different people who actually died within 2 months... I don't want her to die...

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