File:Panbus Characktere.png
This are the charackters.

Has anyone of you better pixelexperience than me.

If yes, can someone help me pixeling these pandas.

Thank you.

When you help me at the pixel game, I pixel your name in the CREDITS.

All the pandas have special abilities

Bertie can eat holes in the Bamboo.

Dave can jump throug holes(Acrobatic)

Teddie have magical abilities.

Speedy is faster than only other.

Marcco can throw bombs.

Betty is hiding under her hood.

Tippy can close holes. ps. he's crazy.

Alfredo can crush other.

Brownie can trow brownies and purple shells.

Spever is intelligent.

Sporty is athletic. (better than Dave)

Bob has an binoculars.

Biggy is better than Alfredo+Bertie.

Ruscy and Ivan can blow radioactiv Balls.

Slink is elastic.

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