Well, I know that the game will be arriving this week, but I'm so excited and curious so I had to do this.

This is an theorie I made about it. Let's call the game... "Snow Smasher".

(I wrote "Theory" and "Enemy" wrong. Sorry for this mistake... :S)

Frozen Thing

It cames from that strange thing in the ground. If my theory is correct, you should smash all the enemies in the level to unfroze the thing. For this, The Hero needs to move the ice block. Hey! Maybe there will be more animals stuck in the ice blocks, some will have powers... Not a bad idea...

The Hero

He surely looks like a Platypus, a bird or something like it. With his beak, he will move the ice block, pulling and pushing it.


They look like made out of snow. The Hero will need to smash them for proceed. However, I bet there will be more kinds of Ememies, with different powers.

In Short...

You're the Hero, you should move the ice block with an creature inside and smash the enemies with it. Killing all enemies, you unfroze the creature and proceeds.

That was my theory. I guess it can be wrong, but wondering is always good! Thank you for reading, and let's hope the 101th game to be an EPIC game!

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