Hello folks. Today I wanted to share something I've been thinking about these days, Should we put a special template in some pages considered "heavy in spoilers", those ones that even a spoiler template can't hide all the spoilers (e.g. Giant spike ball and Nitrome Boss).

Sometimes those pages have spoiler templates to hide the final ending images (which is good), but all other info is there. You might be wondering, "then why would someone go to a page which is about an ending and don't want to read it?". My answer is: "They might be entered the page not really knowing what is the enemy about or is playing with Special:Random."

It's good to point out that my intention is not to take out the spoiler templates that might be there, but to warn that what the reader will read might spoil something of a game they'd like to see for themselves which is not (and has no necessity to) be hidden in the spoiler template.

You can see the template I made by clicking here.

Please discuss in on the comments and share your opinion, it IS important!

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