I actually think it's a Nitrome joke. As it's said on this article, "Mat and Heather would have to have been in their 20's while making the console. Since the console came out in 1984, they would have to have been in their 50's by 2010.". For me that did explained a lot. The small letters also assume it's a joke. But as seen here, Aaron Steed said it's real, and Mat said there's more to reveal. What means it could have been though by Nitrome, but not made!

See, Nitrome may have though for it, but not in 1984, maybe in 2009 or 2010. But Nitrome can't do it for some reasons:

  1. They don't have enough employees for that
  2. NES' name is a parody to Nintendo Enjoyment System, and Nintendo could sue Nitrome by plagiarism if it was a real console
  3. For the same reason as above, if it was going to be real Nitorme would give it another name.

What you guys think about it? I think it's a joke, but these were my opnion.

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