Welcome to the blog post!

Hello, reader! I'm kinda in a hurry here because I must read the final 50 pages os a book soon, 20.000 legues under the sea. I've read 250 pages in two weeks (because I'm lazy) so I don't know if I can finish in 5 hours (I'm writing this on 18:03), but oh well, challenge accepted.

Anyways, my next library class at school is next thursday so I have time on finishing it and doing my summary, since there's a holiday here and I got no school this thrusday and friday.

Ookay, some highlights (Hehe, got it? Light, fast...) now. Now I also have a talk page companion on my talk page, it's the space core. Go check him out, or you may just check him here right now or purge the page for more. Something more?... Oooh YES I have a barbecue to go tomorrow! Yes now I got to go! Bye everybody I mean so long!

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