Well, I guess it maybe happened again... I'd like to, first of all, apologize for being away so much time. It's kinda weird that I pop in and out of the wiki, but I'll do my best to actually be here for once.

I've been trying to catch up with Nitrome (and with the wiki as weel) lately, for i have been away so much time, I even forgot to see their site daily as I used to do, but I've quite recently gone to another school and it's a lot more tuff than my old one with all those advanced maths and physics stuff, but I'll make an effort not to leave the wiki this time. Read all the bold letters

I don't think the wiki has changed much from the last time I've been here, TCG is still around since he came back (wooo), RSK, NOBODY and Santiago González Martín *invisible note to everybody but Santi* hey you guys see what I did here it's because I don't want him to change names so I called him by his full name so he sees people like it and he changes his mind I'm such a genius are still admining around, mysterious user is still being mysterious user and everybody else like Frostyflytrap, AC4E, AD24E and everybody else! (I'm talking about you, dude)  though I've been feeling an awful lack of Takeshis, Axiyes, Emites and CanDDs? (And maybe Bluefires as well but I don't think i've ever actually talked to him?) Have them left or something? (And has Bluefire ever completed Operation: Death by Nitrome?) Because that'd be just terrible, really. Well I guess if any of you guys could make me a little summary in the coments I'd be glad :P
-"Owl City", Meteor Shower
I'm really glad to come back, because you guys are epic! Oh, and just so I don't forget:

What did the pine tree said to the shooting star?(Just move the cursor to see it! I know what you're thinking, "WOW, such high technology in a blog post lilo, you're so cool!")

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