Sup guys. As you can see Nitrome is making tons of big non-gradual changes. Touchy, iOS games, Steam, and I really won't be surprised if they released accounts/profile systems on those months. It's impressive how those guys are working fast to bring us Nitrome goodness, and are proving a great flash company shouldn't be confined in only browser gaming. Here are some personal opinions about those, so you can say what you think of it, put your ideas into life and your opinions in the comments.

Touchy and iOS games

iOS Nitrome games are something, even before the announcement of Super Feed Me, we knew (or hoped) was coming. Although I don't have an iOS device (and I don't think I'll get one anytime soon, but I'm saving up money for either that or Android), It's great how the've already chosen 2 games that are perfect for iOS gaming (Icebreaker remembers me something like Fruit Ninja). I hope until it is released they can continue working on Super Feed Me, the most awaited Nitrome game ever. And, if it wasn't enough, they also came up with something incredibly great - Touchy controller.

This is such an amazing thing to see. We will finally be able to give a break to our keyboards to get something new to play on. I liked the fact Maga Mash is there, and it has a cool controller design, and as long I don't throw the phone away when playing Snot Put it'll be so much fun! I guess they're gonna put Roly Poly there in the future too.

Steam Greenlight

As if iOS releases weren't enough fan-pleasing, Nitrome strikes on Steam! As it's still PC-based, you might be thinking it's pointless. But you can notice they will be much bigger and epic, with more levels, maps, enemies (and work to do in the wiki, heh), so I can predict it's worth every penny. I'm looking forward on seeing more Nitrome stuff on Steam. Just leaves me one thing to say: HOLY BISCUITS YES

Flightless Demo

I had to do a small review of this.

At first look you can think: "Oh, another platforming game, ok.", but the jumpingless features and ladders combined with rich interativity some objects creating complex puzzles and action environments combined with mysterious graphics and music can drop one's jaw. It combines the best of adventuring and puzzling inside pixel platforming. I'm really looking forward on the official release, not only to get more of it but also because I'm very excited for knowing the storyline.

Well, that's all folks! Don't forget to comment! :P

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