My birthday is less than a month away. LESS THAN A MONTH. HAS YOUR HEAD EXPLODED YET?!?!

Thingamajigs that happened

  • My garden that I was tending to lately has developed well. Neato, right?
  • I took the code from Ayernam's FavoriteStory template, changed it slightly, and created a new userbox:
Cheese_Dreams_Icon.png This user's favorite Nitrome game soundtrack is the one in Cheese Dreams!

Don't worry, I'll give Ayernam tons of credit for that neat userbox. Props, man!
  • I filled in a lot of the red links in game templates like B.C. Bow Contest.
  • I went to my cousin's graduation party. It was fun and I played some on the piano, even though I can only play it with one finger hitting each key. I need some practice.
  • I finally beat the eighth gym leader in Pokemon Black 2.


  • This challenge takes place in the game Cosmic Cannon. Make sure you have a fake ball (Hot Air's head, green angry head, etc.) as the ball you will fire first. Fire the ball, and pretend it's a real ball that adds to your score. If you hit the ball with a fake ball, you obviously don't add to the score. How long will you last, and how accurate is your score?

See you in Waterloo! Winner! That's about it really. CB_REye_Angry.png

18:03, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

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