I like to procrastinate. A lot. In fact, I made a userbox to show how inexcusably lazy you may be.

Headcase-nappingguard This user loves to procrastinate.

I procrastinate so much I actually procrastinated writing this blog. And making the userbox. And I'll bet if you like to procrastinate as well, you'll probably procrastinate putting that userbox on your page.

Anyway, let's get on topic:

  • 100%  completed Icebreaker. The Monolith is evil.
  • Seesaws is evil as well.
  • Don't get me started on Between the Lines.
  • As you are reading this I am taking tons of spoiler images and putting them on my laptop. And uploading them.
  • I procrastinated making a blog on my birthday. Heh.

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