Why do I find myself never writing blog posts? It is a question that always goes over my head when I think about it.

The Good

  • I got a blender that supposedly makes food more nutritious. The first thing I thought when it finished blending was "Is this thing even edible?"
  • I got a Wii U for christmas, it is awesome, despite me still having one game. At least said game is  extremely fun.
  • My avatar was only seen by Santiago Gonzalez Martin himself. I like him because he's a pioneer of sorts.

The Bad

  • Some kid punched me in the jaw and gave me lunch detention the next day. Knucklehead.
  • I just realized Chocolate was poo. And that was the character I play as a lot.
  • I had homework on the winter break.

The Ugly

  • Me and that kid also got suspended on Monday starting at 4th period. Dang.

Well, I guess that's it for this blog post. See you next Sunday! Winner! That's about it really. CB_REye_Angry.png

17:02, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

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