Dope Fiend (n) - Every inhabitant of Winnermillion's school.

Man, I feel so dumb for forgetting to do it last sunday, so might as well do it now.

The Good

  • I listened to Brotherswing for hours and hours on end. SEGA, mmm gotta say, COME ON! JUST BE A GAME!
  • I decided to check out Caravan Palace's other songs after being sent into the CP craze by 69Starmix69.
  • Changed my avatar to reflect how good Caravan Palace is and how Brotherswing was a gift from heaven itself.

The Bad

  • My mom did not give me bacon for breakfast. Not even turkey bacon. Dang.
  • I got borderline in math class for a numb reason, for not bringing in a full shopping circular for a project. Dang ever are people so picky.
  • Nobody ever saw my avatar. And that makes me lonely. :'(

The Ugly

  • Nothing ugly happened. Really. Nothing. Except for that one time that little brat from across the complex pretty much told everyone in lunch how much of a failure I was. I just want to tip my lunch on him but considering his vast legion of friends and his strength made me think otherwise.

That's all folks! Winner! That's about it really. CB_REye_Angry.png

00:19, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

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