I don't mean to be demanding, but where are some of Nitrome's upcoming games? Here is a list of them and how recently updated they are:

NES Skin Games - We don't acculay know if they will be released or not.

Super Feed Me - They've been working on this one for a LOOONG time.

3D Game - Only 2 hints about that one.

Test Subject Green Sequel - A longer gap than the time between Blue and Green is right.

Untitled Platforming Game - I'm convinced that Nitrome's still working on this. You can do it Penguin Robber!

Cheese Dreams 2 - Soon!

Hot Air Jr. - Soon!

Upcoming iPhone Game - They said they were almost done with this!

...and that's that. TCG out!

  • Blueboy: YAYYYY!!!

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