Today at school in Art, most of us were working on our tribe house models, but me, Gabriel, and Patrick were done. We wondered what to do, so the substitute Art teacher told us we could draw or create stuff with the structure things. Gabe spotted a box of toys on the shelf. A lot of them were dinosaurs and people, so he got a two-headed dragon and an orca, and he made them fight. Sam was working on his model on the rug, so he got carried away and started in the battle too. We got weird looking people out, and the dinos started eating them. Then I got out a ram, and with that, World War 3 started!

Fighters in World War 3

Two-Headed Dragon (A two-headed dragon toy)

Angry Orca (A killer whale toy)

Jerry (Little boy figurine)

Old Senior (Grandpa figurine)

Glasses (Teenage girl figurine)

Seabond Lady (Grandma figurine)

Super-Ram (Ram figure)

Unicorn Without a Horn (White horse figure)

Genius Bird (Big Brother Bird on Gabe's Angry Birds coat)

Bird of Doom (Structure thing)

Tiny Dinosaur (Small dinosaur figure)

The Claw (Structure thing)

Mr. Chicken in his Pecker (Structure thing)

Lion (Roaring lion figure)

Rollerspike (Structure thing)

Ghost of Death (Structure thing)

Dr. Pointy (Structure thing)

Other birds on Gabriel's Angry Birds coat (Who never acculay fought, they were just working undercover)

That was the soldiers of World War 3! Next Thursday (Art day) I promised Gabriel I would bring Mighty Eagle and Orange Bird (other Angry Birds) and continue the war! MWAHAH-mabye I should leave the evil laugh to RSK.

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