I enjoyed Montana a lot. Let me tell you about the fun I had!

Basicly There

When I got there, my grandma, my two aunts and uncles, and my 3 cousins (2 girls, 1 boy. All about 20.) were there too waiting for me! We went on grand adventures and I had a really fun time.

Bowser's Inside Story

While I was there I played Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for the Nintendo DS. I'm almost done with the game! I also like the main villan: Fawful. (Yes, his name is a play on awful.) He always has chortles. And he expresses it by yelling:


American Eagles

Sometimes in my cabin, I watched The Muppet Show on a small DVD player. If ya don't know, Muppets are little crazy puppet animals that have a great and funny show with guest stars. Anyways, one character on the show I thought about: Sam the Eagle. He is an american eagle who pretty much hates the show. He wants it to be more cultural. That made me think about Brivary, the eagle Pokemon. That made me think about Enda. (U know, the NMD eagle.) I offically made a new Nitrome fan character, Dandy the vulture. Why a vulture? The two Generation Five Pokemon birds are an eagle (I forget it's name and Brivary) and a vulture (Vullaby and forgot again).

And then that made me think about Pokemon trainers. I had an idea. Jesse and James (Team Rocket) are characters from the Pokemon anime. They have rivals named Butch and Cassidy. (I know, wild west refrences in Montana.) The duo has a Pokemon named Snubull. I diceded to follow thier footsteps and have Dandy have a boy and a girl owner. That way we could do the whole Team Rocket thing Nitrome-themed. Carter Austin, Curly Alls, and Enda could be Jesse, James, and Meowth. (Thier trouble-making Pokemon.) And Dandy and Co. are Butch, Cassidy, and Snubull! EUREKA!

And That's All.

TCG out!

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