Welcome to another edition of User blog:TinyCastleGuy 2.0!

Pixels are my specialty! Also reading, drawing, etc. Anyways, just read. But whatever you do, DON'T LET THE PIGEON TAKE OVER NITROME!

The Week


Well, I played Seedling and got places, and I missed chatting with Austincarter4ever ALL WEEK. :( Also, Takeshi showed me a really cool game (a NINJA game) called Temp Ninja that was developed by the same people who made Agent Turnright. Epic pixels!

Temp Ninja:

And For You Neutrons

Another great Neutronized update!

Roar Rampage iOS is coming along nicely, and i'm guessing it will come out about the same time as Ice Breaker iOS. I apologize if last time it sounded like I said the game was released, but it's NOT.

Here's a sneek peek of it on YouTube:

I Luv U Pixels

This week's Pixel Love is a game called Seedling!

Take control of a small seed sommened to save a tree -tree of LIFE- and save the town! Lots of myths/legends and fancy names in this game, and lots of armor and weapons that are also awesome! The game may take a while to beat, but it's FUN! Race your buddy to beat it! WHAT COULD THIS POSSIBLY LINK TO?!?!?!

And Now Upcoming

Nitrome may or may not release a game about ladders... O.O

Weekly Popular Game

You've ALL heard of this one. This time the popular game is... drum roll please... MINECRAFT!

Yes, a world made of polygons where you create, fight, and over all SURVIVE. You can find gems or hunt Creepers, (main enemies) and meet neat little dudes or something. I don't play Minecraft much. But all my friends do. Try learning the game on the easiest mode for starters, and then go for Survival Mode or something. There's also multiplayer where you can meet up with your friends and build MORE STUFF!

The big website:

So that's the weekly popular game. Stay tuned for ta next!

Other News

  • Watching NakaTeleeli's (or "Nakate's") walkthroughs with commentary on video games on YouTube. They are called "Let's Plays". Example: Let's Play Hot Air. Don't be fooled by the avatar, IT'S NOT A GIRL! (He just plays as girl characters in games all the time, and he wanted to make a joke about it.)
  • RSK's new signature made me want to play Robot Wants Kitty again. (And I did.)


Well, that's the end of this post. Have a good week and stay tuned 'til Friday! HAI! (peace)

TCG out!

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