O hai!

Sorry, I was just doing nothing.

Which brings me to the reasoning of making this blog post.

Y'see, you may have noticed that in previous posts I said that since we've minus 1 admin (even though that may or may not be true), I would be editing a lot the next months or so.


Yes, this statement leads to more procrastination from yours truely. But it's not just because I'm bored with the wiki or something, it's because I have way too much schoolwork! So if you're wondering why I'm not editing, it's probably because of that.

Now if you execuse me, I have a sleepover to go to!

  • Blueboy: Oh boy! I have the perfect musical number to go with that note!

Uh, see ya everybody! *runs away*

  • Blueboy: *sighs* These brief cameos always lead to nothing, don't they?

PS. Pokemon X and Y are out for any Pokemon fans here! For anyone who doesn't own it yet, get it now so no one can Taunt you about it!

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