Electric Fan (50% Off!)

Do you live in a desert? Just need to cool off? Get this cool Electric Fan! Blows away all that sweat, perfect for stores and librarys! And if you buy 4 fans, we'll give you a free chocolate marshmallow Easter Bunny! ;)

Buy at Lilonow's Super-Store

Mecha Saur Toy (30% Off!)

This gigantic robot Godzilla toy will blow down your house! "My building demotilation crew used this to demolish unwanted ads!" said a 60-year old man named Barry. This Mecha Saur can shoot a laser from his mouth and stomp around with it's mechnical feet!
Mecha Saur

WARNING: Image is not lifesize

Buy at Tokyo Mart-Mart

Tokyo Arcade

The arcade in Tokyo, Japan is one of the best arcades around! Play Pachinko and Danger Blocks, also now with a small-restraunt which serves the best seafood! You'll love this fantabulos arcade!

Moscow Arcade

Somewhere in Russia, there is a city called Moscow. Somewhere in Moscow, there is a little street. Somewhere in the little street, there is an arcade. THE BEST RUSSIAN ARCADE EVA! This arcade includes games like Nitrometris, Cnythnk 2000, and our new one, Super-Mouse-Maze! Next to the arcade you can go in a Egg Museum, called Eggus Museumus. So enjoy! And bring lots of quarters!

Xeno Industries

Come to Xeno Industries in London! We are currently testing a Blue Enzime in a proton suit. We are also testing Orange Enizimes and Green Enzimes (recently), so feel free to watch! I have researched these three enzimes, and I have desovered that Blue is smarter than any of the rest. How I came up the idea for Xeno Industries was when I was 12 years old, playing Space Invaders. I saw in the newspaper a scientest getting an award, and that made me want to have a lab when I grow up. I called it X-Noe, but that turned into Xeno Industries.

- Scientest (Ink Smudge), CEO of Xeno Industries

UPDATE: I have destroyed Xeno Industries and the Scientest. I made Test Subject Blue a Rex210 suit. He has only tried it out twice yet, but it will be very useful once I fix a few things. Mwahaha!

- Doctor Nastodius, CEO of (accedental delete)

Subway to the North Pole

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Ice CreamZ

[To be edited]

Puppy and Kitten Sale!

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