Yes, it's a me, TCG! I am sitting with my friends Glameow and Nyan Cat sipping tea but I can manage this blog post! Here goes:


Most of you were late to wish me a happy birthday but I don't mind. Blueboy wants to know when Moon Light's birthday is. Anyway, on to the next (longer) section!

Just What I Wanted!

Guess what I got for some of my presents?





For Pokemon Platnium, I am currently in Hearthome City with my team;



Misty the Togepi!

Glidey the Gligar!

Leafee the Eevee!

I am going to evolve Leafee into Leafeon real soon. I am planning on getting an Abra and Nosepass for my team, and I don't really know how to level up Togepi. Mabye I will just keep it by and not have it battle like Misty in the TV show. (In fact that's why I named my Togepi Misty!) I'm doing really well on Platnuim.

For Pokemon Emerald, I havn't really been playing so much with my team:

Buster the Torchic!

I forget his name the Wurmple!

Gully the Wingull!

I ayn't goin' anywhere in tha' ol' rascal Emerald.

Anyway, when Nitrome releases profiles, I hope to see you guys there!

I think we should have our Nitrome Character avatars according by the ones we have on the wiki!


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