Heh, people will never get the reference in the title...

So I was, fittingly enough, looking through some old blog posts of mine, and I found that they're all over the place. It looks like I felt the need to add in jokes every few sentences-

  • Blueboy: A lot of which were about me...

-and my grammar wasn't always perfect. I also kinda stopped doing stuff, like trivia games and "User blog: TinyCastleGuy 2.0". I guess I stopped doing the latter because it was hard to get a post out every week. I then thought, why not keep making longer blog posts nowadays? If i'm going to be editing here, I might as well share some thoughts with the people i'm working with... the only difference here is that i'll probably only post about once a month or so.

What do you guys think? Do you like my blog posts? I'm taking up writing as a side-career, so i'd like to know how I could improve my "writing style".

This has been a generic blog post by TinyCastleGuy.

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