Today in Pokemn Black I battled my second rotation battle (Black only) and at one point the trainer was down to one pokemon; a male Swoobat. Now Swoobat was Psychic and Flying type and Mow (my Liepard) was Dark type, so Mow was super effective. The (male) Swoobat used Attract, and Mow fell in love. Mow used Pursuit and that was the end of Swoobat. Speaking of Pokemon love, Lumberjack (male Gurdurr) got married to a trainer's Liligant in the middle of a Pokemon battle. I just thought Liligant looked like she was getting married, so oolala. It turned out that that Liligant was my least favorite battled pokemon in Black so far. The battle lasted so long, and Lumberjack got divorcied. King Kong finished her off because he was Fire type and she was Grass.

Splashy the Dewott is going to evolve into Samurott in 3 more levels.

And just to tell you from the Christmas Story, Trubbish is the Trash Bag Pokemon. He is poison type but I made him have Leech Seed because I thought he was Grass and Poison.

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