It's been a while scence I did a quiz. But here's one! And it's about: Users! No cheating plz. Winner gets cake! YUM!

1. What was Crystal-lucario's (founder) avatar when he was last seen? (B)

A. A Lucario Pokemon.

B. A Riolu Pokemon.

C. A Zoroark Pokemon.

D. A realistic crystal Lucario Pokemon.

2. Who made the sig request page? (C)

A. Grammar Cat

B. Emitewiki2

C. Bluefire2


3. What is Takeshi64's cube boy's name? (A)

A. Takiboy

B. Ninjaboy

C. Takeshiboy

D. Twilight Cube

4. What was Someonethatyouproboblydontknow's short name? (C and D)



C. Someone


5. Where did Geniusguy come from? (D)

A. Storm Hawks Wiki

B. Bulbapedia

C. Kirby Wiki

D. Super Mario Wiki

6. What was Ac4ever's "other" forms of Austin Carter and Justin Bennet? (C)

A. Winged Carter (or Winged Austin Carter) and Ninja Bennet (or Ninja Justin Bennet)

B. Carter Austin and Bennet Justin

C. Winged Carter (or Winged Austin Carter) and Ninja Bennet

D. Winged Carter and Ninja Bennet

6. Who did Blueboy play a trick on in Nitrome: Christmas Story? (A)

A. TinyCastleGuy and Random-storykeeper

B. NOBODY and Grammar Cat

C. Lilonow and Axiy

D. Emitewiki2 and Santiago Gonzales Martin

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