It all happened one day on chat...

Zt-freak said SupremeCommander Master was dead.

Then he said she was sending him messages only he could read.

He said he could talk to her at the window of his house.

Then at that exact time, Santi's computer turned out and a storm came. (You can belive Santi, he's telling the truth for sure)

He said Scm was then on dutch chat.

During all that, I was having a very good day and just had made a new story called Ouch My Head on the Fan Fiction Wiki. I don't get it. Everybody help, he dosen't have proof...

Will we have to live in a shelter with scm and Zt-freak in the end of the world?

I'm scared...

(NOTE: Ok, mabye I was being a little overdramatic there.)

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