You didn't see this one coming.

Hello NOBODY, hello RSK, hello Santi, hello Grammar Cat, hello Takeshi64, hello...

4 Hours Later...

...and hello Blueboy! I guess i'm kind of back. Love the backround! And i'm enjoying Gunbrick. But I like playing it full-screen. Today i'm getting Kirby's Return to Dream Land. I will show you my list of things to play: (You can play these too!)

My List of Things to Play


Cheese Dreams Demo

Roar Rampage





Image Fight (Not Online)

Cave Chaos 2 (Not Released)

Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Not Online)

Hot Air Jr. (Not Released)

Hillbilly Flea and Country Tick

Eddie Algae

Jazzy Annette - Space Cadet

Mischief Makers (Not Online)

One Button Bob

Final Fantasy III (Not Online)

The Legend of Zelda Collection (Not Online)

Mega Man 08 and 09 (Not Online)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Download)


So i'm back! (Kind-of)

And now... Blueboy's Speech!

I would like to say thanks to Moon Light, Gothcube, my dads, and all the users and pets of Nitrome Wiki for being... well... Nitromians forever! Also...

  • Yincube and Yangcube grab the mic*
  • Yincube: SHOW YOURSELF...
  • Blueboy: The End! Now exeuse me for a sec...

Oh well...

...You get the point of this blog post anyway.

From TinyCastleGuy and Blueboy.

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