Let's take a stroll down memory lane and take the quiz about old Nitrome games and new-ish NES stuff! Don't cheat and look at pages! Leave your answers in the comments and remember conest ends next Friday! (Unless nobody answers) (And by nobody I don't mean the user)


1. What adjective and noun does Nitrome describe the main character of Silly Sausage?

2. Name the first level of Hot Air 2.

3. Who said they shaved even though they were only kids?

4. Does this ring the bell? "Meow, meow, meow, meow." "Woof, woof, woof, woof."

5. The Moo King was in which 3 games in Mega Mash?

6. The Space Dragon (or whatever he was called) was in which 3 games in Mega Mash?

7. What was the first Winter-themed game?

8. The first three skins were:

9. Which game had thier name changed right before they had a sequel?

10. Waddle Dee stole the Cave Chaos miner's girlfriend! Make a plan to get her back.

11. What was the first four Nitrome games?

12. What is the last level of Chick Flick (not the bonus one) themed?

13. Which two NES games were the first NES games to have descriptions?

14. It has little guys of different varities. Some of the enemies include giant caterpillars and fat bugs. What game is this?

15. Which game was the first to have jellyfish in it?

16. 150?

17. Tell me eight of the games in the NES skin.

18. What was the first non-zombie enemy in Graveyard Shift?

19. Tell me four types of chicks in Chick Flick besides the normal ones.

20. Now Waddle Dee has teamed up with Totodile to make this question non-Nitrome themed! Oh no! Shout a random Nitrome game extremly loud!

21. Am I going to keep rambling on with these questions?

And the winner is...

Look at the answers yourself and figure out your score! (I'm sorry if that sounded mean or rude)

The Answers

1. The lovable stretchy dog

2. Big Mouth Strikes Again

3. Boys (Mutiny)

4. Pixel Pop Siamese Cat Game

5. Carrot Story, Smash, Ninja

6. Xolstar 3, Carrot Story (There is no third one! Trick!)

7. Gift Wrapped

8. Classic, Winter, Retro

9. Rubble Trouble

10. Any (working) answer counts! I will tell you if your plan will work or not in the comments.

11. Hot Air, Sandman, Chick Flick, Roly Poly

12. The graveyard level

13. Ninja, Super Treadmill

14. Small Fry

15. Aquanaut

16. Norse Father from Sky Serpents, sorry if you never beat it.

17. Just check.

18. Beetle Fly

19. Just check.

20. Any Nitrome Game!

21. (Probobly) no.

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