Take TinyCastleGuy's Nitrome Wiki Quiz! Don't cheat and look at pages though. Alright! Here are the questions:

1. Who was the user who said "Nitrome Wiki=Death" once?

2. Who founded Nitrome Wiki?

3. What 3 Admins are currently active on the wiki?

4. Who made the Nitrome Wiki Christmas Story?

5. Who is Nitrome Wiki's mascot?

6. Which Pokemon does NOBODY like to walk? (Extra question for NOBODY: 6. What was the name of TCG's last blog post?)

7. How many users with cat avatars are there?

8. What is the name of the game RSK said the guys from Nitrome made?

9. Who is Grammar Cat's main pet?

10. Who are the villans of User:Lilonow/The Great Journey?

11. What did Nitrome Wiki's mascot do when he saw RSK and TCG talking in the snow?

12. Who is NOBODY's sister?

13. Who is often pictured as Canary 214-LE and a Paint Blower?

14. What was all the previous nicknames of Santiago Gonzales Martin?

15. Why did the Waddle Dee cross the road?

16. Who was Axiy's first pet?

17. Who is Untesty's cousin?

18. How many uncles and aunts does Nitrome Wiki's mascot have?

17. What is Nitrome Wiki currently protesting against?

18. What is Emitewiki2's current avatar?

19. What was all Lilonow's previous avatars?

20. Why did the Waddle Doo cross the road?

The contest has ended. Check to see if you got all the awnsers right and claim the award if you did!

The Awnsers


2. Crystal-lucario

3. NOBODY, Random-storykeeper, Santiago Gonzales Martin

4. Santi

5. Blueboy

6. His Quagsire, Timmy

7. 3 (Me, Grammar Cat, Boinksmuck1)

8. Chromatrize

9. Moon Light

10. Yincube and Yangcube

11. Threw a misletoe which hit Emitewiki2's eye

12. Grammar Cat

13. Axiy

14. Santi-Zapo, Santi, Santi Bennet

15. Any awnser is correct

16. Rahama

17. Notesty (Or "Testy")

18. 2 aunts, 1 uncle (My sister, Grammar Cat, and Santi's brother)

19 (sorry for the mixup with 2 17s and 18s). SOPA and PIPA

20. Jack Frost and Lego Star Wars

21. Club Penguin, NMD Parasite and Moon, Canopy Monkey, Yellow Triclopian

22. Any awnser is correct

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