Why does almost no one comment on my blog posts anymore? :(

Anyway, IT'S ALMOST 2014!!!!

  • Random Cameo: 13?!

NO! 14! Luckily they aren't as easy to confuse as something like 12 and 13...

But since i'm currently not aware of any other recent blog post that says this, i'll host a party in the Nitrome Wiki chat! My treat (if it costed any money)!

Oh, and I suppose i'll edit a bunch too ;)

Invitation Details

Who: TinyCastleGuy.

What: A New Year's Eve party.

When: Whenever you can come, preferably at night.

Where: In the Nitrome Wiki chat.

Why: Um, because New Year's is exciting?

How: :/

PS. What if had a chatroom? That way Nitromians could share opinions and speculations on upcoming/released games and avatars!

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