"Potato stuck in a box"... gets me every time. Oh, is this thing on? Oh yeah, I'M BACK!!!!

Talk about technical difficulties! I was lacking a security system on my laptop (which (the laptop) sucks more than you could ever imagine), so I installed "avast!" and the supposed security pirates with the voice of Siri helped me. But then it encountered an error. This could only be the work of my ex-security system: Norton Internet Security! They engaged in a battle, the Avasts and the Nortons, and I couldn't get onto the Internet because of the conflict! (Yeah, i'm not too sure what happened either.) So I had to resort to accessing the Internet through my iPod Touchy for about a whole month, which did NOT access chat and I couldn't figure out how to edit. Seeing as RSK left, I'm going to push myself to work extra on the wiki, for all you guys! How does that sound?

Oh, and yesterday I bought Icebreaker. Finally I can stop pretending to cover my ears whenever you all talk about it :P

Just saying that i'm back on the wiki, locked and loaded! So I'll be seeing you guys-

Elephant in the Room: Hey, didn't you have a certain comic that you said that you were going to make over a week?

Uh, I don't know what you're talking about. HAIBONSAIPEACETCGOUT!!!!!!!!

Elephant in the Room: T_T

Reccuring Character: 13?!

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