No, i'm NOT doing a "How Attractive?" for Pokemon Generation 6. I honestly think it was kind of stupid to begin with now...

ANYWAAAY, first read this blog post, because it seems like no one actually did:

With that out of the way, I hope everyone had a very happy Wednesday! It only comes once a week, and it's very exciting ;D

I was going to make a Wednesday avatar, but I kinda ran out of time. I suppose there's nothing much else to say, so let's get right to the topics!

Once Opon A Time The End

Have you ever noticed how many new users we're getting? Seriously: check the new blog posts! I'm starting to wonder if they're coming from to edit or just to make blog posts and Nitrome fan-thingies. Speaking of which, what if Happy Jump Land became Nitrome's first fan-made game (unless you count Skywire VIP Extended)? Just a thought. Speaking of which, I might be making a comic series on the FF Wiki soon, and it may or may not be a remake of the Christmas Story ;D

Procrastination 202

1. I need to send in my fan-creations to Nitrome soon... I have a Fat Cat cake, Nintendo Miis for Austin Carter and Justin Bennet, AND a Fluffball jack-o-lantern.

2. Good news everyone: I might be editing on the WIki regularly now! Yeah, I know, I always say stuff like this and never get around to it, but this is for REAL this time! I'm hoping if I keep it up for two months or so, I can finally achieve adminship... or maybe i'm just lying here. I honestly don't know this myself :/

Wiki Weekends

I'm going to redesign the banner I made and see if Nitrome likes it for our blog section! I hope lots of users can contribute to the posts... whoops, now I gotta go. Oh well, not much else to say anyway... remember to brush your teeth, eat healthy, and play plenty of Nitrome games! :3

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