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You know how I did a little survey on how attractive the Pokemon Black and White Unova League is? Well, since Black and White 2 are here with new gym leaders, I dicided to make a sequel to that blog post! Judge them! Winner (no not Winnermillion) is at the end of this post! I put it in a spoiler page so people who don't want to know who's who yet can choose to not look.

(For the previous servey, go to User blog:TinyCastleGuy/How Attractive?)

1. Cheren - Smart school boy. Your rival in the first game got to be a gym leader. Type: Normal

2. Roxie - (Her full name is Pop Roxie.) Yeah, she's a rock star. She has an actual voice in the game. P-O-K-E-M-ON; Pokemon! Type: Poison

3. Burgh - Yep, still from a Studio Ghibli movie. Type: Bug

4. Elesa - I think she took our advice and became a supermodel. Beautiful! Type: Electric

5. Clay - Yep, he's the fat sherriff in this here town. He even has a frown. Hey that rhymes! Type: Ground

6. Skyla - Still Skyla. In the game, she lets you ride a plane to a town with Mexican music! Type: Flying

7. Drayden - Iris left him, and he is a solo dragon trainer now. Seriously, SHAVE YOUR BEARD! Type: Dragon

8. Marlon - He's new. He doesn't know what he's doing- just a swimmer that's "cool". I guess. Meh. Type: Water

9. Shauntal - Moving to the Elite Four now. She's spooky and she's writing a book. Is that a cat around her head? Type: Ghost

10. Marshal - Nope. Holding it back. Not going to say it. Ok, getting harder... uh oh... get ready... GIANT PANTS!!!!!!!!!! Type: Fighting

11. Grimsley - He might be secretly evil. Look at that evil grin. Ugh. So evil. Type: Dark

12. Caitlin - She just wants to get some sleep, doesn't she? She's wearing a giant, pink nightgown. That hat reminds me of an inside story... Type: Psychic

13. Iris - Drayden's former assistant is the Pokemon Champion! Wow! XD She has a tiara. How championly. Wait, how'd she get to replace Alder? Oh well, the point is she's a champion of Pokemon. Type: Dragon

TBA - Ah'm workin' on it!


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