I know that this has nothing to do with Nitrome but I gotta ask you this:

How attractive to you are the Gym Leaders and Pokemon League in Pokemon Black and White?

Are they cute or ugly? What's your opinion? Mine is:

File:Cilan.jpg 1. Cilan- Pretty handsome

File:Chili.jpg 2. Chili- Needs work

File:Cress.jpg 3. Cress- Looks smooth

File:Lenora.jpg 4. Lenora- Ugly

File:Burgh.jpg 5. Burgh- Looks like someone from a Mehisaki movie

File:Elesa.jpg 6. Elesa- Kind-of beutiful (Well she is a model)

File:Clay.jpg 7. Clay- Looks fat

File:Skyla.jpg 8. Skyla- Could be cute

File:Brycen.jpg 9. Brycen- Just take off the bathrobe and we'll see

File:Drayden.jpg 10. Drayden- You can't see his mouth

File:Iris.jpg 11. Iris- Cute

File:Shauntal.jpg 12. Shauntal- Kind-of spooky looking

File:Marshal.jpg 13. Marshal- GIANT PANTS!!!

File:Grimsley.jpg 14. Grimsley- Could be a couple with Shauntal

File:Caitlin.jpg 15. Caitlin- Pretty cute

File:Alder.jpg 16. Alder- Looks like a chief

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