Guess witch nitrome things these are! Now that I uploaded them i discovered they were a little too easy...

1: Hard 100px

2: Hard 100px

3: Medium 100px

4: Easy 100px

5: Piece of cake 100px

6: Easy 100px

7: Medium 100px

8:Hard 100px

9:Medium 100px


1. Two Headed Cerberus in 100th Game (Skin)

2. Furry Walrus from Frost Bite in Winter (Skin)

3. Giant Ape from level 2 of Rubble Trouble Tokyo

4. Creature from Frost Bite 2

5. A Waddle Dee (No silly, it's Angry Head Pink!)

6. Doctor Nastodius's Guard

7. Line (Twang)

8. Monkey Robot from Skywire 2

9. Bone from Dog House

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